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Before placing an order, please take a look at my Terms, Dos & Don'ts and Pricelist.Most samples below are actual commission work.
I try to keep this gallery updated with the newest pieces for the sake of accuracy.©2011-2024 ViperCrown


Last revision: April 30th, 2024Before placing an order, please read the terms below as this will inform you of how I regularly work with my customers, and the general guidelines and expectations to keep in mind.Please be aware that by placing an order with me, I assume you’ve read my terms and agreed to them.
Access to these terms is always available online on this website and linked from multiple sources, including my invoices and queue.
!!! Under no circumstances may you use any of my artworks for Non-Fungible Tokens, Machine Learning aka Artificial Intelligence, be it for training, editing/adjusting or "completing" pieces.
I do not condone nor consent to the practice !!!
If you have any inquiries please contact me via e-mail or DMs

GENERAL⬥ By commissioning me, you understand that you'll get a custom digital painting image in its full size in PNG format + a low-resolution, JPG version image, considered a final product and not a physical item mailed to your door unless specified otherwise.⬥ By commissioning me, you understand that you are hiring my skills to interpret your character in my artwork style; as such, commissions are never 1:1 with the given reference, as I will not emulate another freelancer's style.⬥ Commissions usually have an ETA of 7-20 business days depending on the order's complexity and current queue, which is under my Trello.⬥ Please refer to individual commission types' information for more accurate timeframes per commission and the queue (usually no more than 10 active pieces at any given time).⬥ I’m fluent in both English and Spanish. Please contact me in whichever language you feel most comfortable with.⬥ I may recycle rejected parts of commissioned work such as Character Poses, Colour Palettes, Markings, Backgrounds, etc.
Rejected character design concepts may be recycled too as long as the concept does not resemble the final design.
⬥ I do not provide the project files, ie- PSD, SAI2, Procreate, etc.⬥ I reserve the right to deny any order, stop work on a commission or cancel a commission request due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behaviour, or a breach of these Terms of Service.

REQUIREMENTS⬥ To purchase a commission from me, the client must be over 18 years old.⬥ The client must have read and agreed to these terms before ordering a commission service.⬥ By commissioning me, I assume you've read these terms beforehand and accepted them.

WORK IN PROGRESS (WIPs) & FEES⬥ WIPs aren't available for Stickers, Sketches and Surprise Me commission types.⬥ WIPs may get posted on my Telegram channel to keep progress in check. WIPs will always be reported to the customer via email or DMs.⬥ For WIP reports beyond the base sketch, please let me know beforehand, otherwise, I work on the piece from start to end or send WIPs as I deem fit in a case-by-case scenario if an inquiry arises.⬥ Additional work that wasn't previously agreed on in the original order description will be charged as an additional fee, depending on the scale of the edit and/or addition.⬥ Complex character and outfit designs may incur an additional fee.⬥ Private pieces need to be notified as such beforehand, this is so I can label them accordingly to prevent posting WIPs and the final work down the line.

QUOTES, PAYMENTS & REFUNDS⬥ Commission quotes (estimates) are valid for 30 days calendar.⬥ All prices listed are in US dollars and I take payments through invoicing.⬥ All commissions must be paid upfront in order for the order to be put in the queue.⬥ Payment plans can be discussed if the final commission price is beyond $400⬥ Full refunds are available only if the order hasn't been started yet or if I'm in a position where I cannot finish your piece.⬥ Partial refunds are issued if the commission is cancelled beyond the sketch phase and are proportional to the amount of work done.⬥ No refunds once the piece is finished.

COMMISSION FILES | STORAGE⬥ All commissioned work is delivered in PNG and JPG format either via a hotlink from cloud storage or in the form of e-mail attachment.⬥ It's the customer's responsibility to download their finished commission and store them in their desired storage.⬥ Please keep in mind to download your files, as I purge these from my cloud storage every now and then.

COMMISSION DATA | PRIVACY⬥ Private jobs will be labelled [PRIVATE] on the queue to keep the client's full anonymity. The only information shown will be the commission type and order date.⬥ Commission information and character references are purged from my system once the commission has been completed.⬥ The only information I retain is the original uncompressed files, a name for commission identification on file and e-mail for contact.⬥ I'm not liable for the data stored on third parties such as email providers, social media or payment processors.

RIGHTS⬥ The copyright of the commissioned work will be held by me, while the copyright to the character will remain with the right's holder.⬥ All commissioned work is only for personal use by the client unless specifically purchased for commercial purposes.⬥ All commissioned work is considered a final product, any editions or additions are a breach of my ToS and copyright. This includes the use of machine learning and derivative technologies.⬥ To purchase full rights to the artwork for commercial purposes, please refer to the commission pricelist and get in contact with me directly via©2011-2024 ViperCrown


Below is a list of subjects I'm willing to draw for your commission.
Please take a look at this before ordering to make sure I'm your artist.
If your subject matter isn’t present here, please do contact me and I’ll inform you.

Any Feral or Anthro creatureSci-fi themes & sceneriesArtwork depicting harmful political views.
Monsters, demons, insectsUrban, modern environmentsArtwork depicting hatred towards an individual, minority or group.
Humanoids (elves, orcs, demons, etc)Mechanicals, steampunkCharacters with more than 7 limbs, these being wings and/or arms/legs.
Anime | MangaVehicles (Cars, Trains, Planes, Helicopters, etc)More than four characters in a scene, Alternative versions of a piece.
Natural environments (Forests, plains, tundras, etc)Ornate jewellery or fabric patterns.Over-exaggerated anatomical proportions, colloquially "Hyper"
Horror subjects (Cryptids, Lovecraftian, Vampires, Blood)Intricate outfits | Armour.Transformation sequences
Fanart / "Ship" artworks (OC x OC | OC x Canon)General fantasy environments (Castles, forts, mansions)Emulation of another freelancer's style.©2011-2024 ViperCrown


Before you order a commission, please make sure you have read my Terms of Service. Any inquiries I'll be happy to assist you with.Please keep in mind the prices listed below are base prices, correspond to a singular character and serve as a general guideline on pricing.
Additional characters, depending on commission type, range between 50% to 100% of the base price.
Listed prices are not necessarily indicative of what clients paid for the artworks represented below.Additionally, the canvas sizes listed with the prices are approximated, they vary as per the needs of the artwork.



$15 eachFullbody or HeadshotCan do Memes
Flat colour only
Fullsize: 2000x2000 @ 350 dpi RGB

Pencil portraits

Portrait only - $30 eachYou get a high-quality scan of your portrait sent to your email.


Color or Monochrome $25 e/a
Fullsize: 1500-2500px @350dpi RGB
Fullbody simple:
$35 Monochrome - $50 Color
Fullbody detailed:
$65 Monochrome - $80 Color
Fullsize: 3000-5000px @ 350dpi RGB
Textured background only
Additional characters are 50%


These commissions break down into portraits, waist-ups and fullbody pieces, with plenty of choice.
Please refer to the price sheets below for a general idea.


Hourly rate: $50
(Minimum 1 hr)
Painted style or Inked style w/ background in either case.
Illustration works are a premium branch of my work with intricate rendering and constant back and forth during its process, its price varies depending on the overall complexity of the piece, measured in an estimate of how long the piece would take to complete.Fullsizes vary wildly for these depending on the piece's needs, the minimum being around 5k on the shortest side of the piece, always at a minimum of 350dpi in RGB colourspace, along with a CYMK colourspace version if requested.


- Please send your inquiry to as I review these in a case by case scenario to work out the best deal for both parties.- The prices listed above are for personal use images only.- Artworks destined for products or services have an additional fee for copyright purchase over the image
under contract.
- Usually a 200% additional over the original price or negotiable % of profits from the image's use.©2011-2024 ViperCrown



My name is Reina, formally known around as ViperCrown. I'm a self-taught visual artist born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.My speciality is digital artworks, be they paintings or clean line arts, anime and manga-styled pieces.My artworks feature an array of sharp edges, stylized forms, bright colours and hard lighting.I’ve drawn and painted all my life, it’s my livelihood and my passion.
I began when I could pick up a pencil and took art seriously when I turned twelve years old, to start working as a freelancer via numerous art sites in 2010 or so and onwards.
I’ve been working on visual artworks and character designs for years, fulfilling hundreds of orders for happy customers.I’m fluent in both English and Spanish, so please contact me in whichever language you feel most comfortable with.©2011-2024 ViperCrown


#009 - Wolf Goddess

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2.2 inch - 57mm

#008 - Shadowbeast

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2.2 inch - 57mm

#007 - Reina (Limited)

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2 inch - 52mm | 3 Dangles
Glow & Glitter | LE - Numbered

#006 - Snake Eyes (Limited)

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2.3 inch - 60mm
Recessed metal details

#005 - Timewalker

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
1.6 inch - 42mm
Pearl & Glitter

#004 - Gift of the Wild

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
1.3" (35mm) & 0.5" (15mm)
2 SET | Glow & Glitter

#003 - Wildflower

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2.2 inch - 58mm
Glow & Screenprint

#002 - Ancient

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2.1 inch - 54mm
Glow in the Dark

#001 - Malice

Hard Enamel | Gold Plating
2.2 inch - 57mm
Glow in the Dark©2011-2024 ViperCrown